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Massage was once considered an "alternative" approach to healing and was shunned by the modern scientific medical establishment which only recognised physiotherapy. Society has come far and massage is now part of main stream medicine whereby medical doctors will refer patients to massage therapists and some medical centres have massage therapists as a part of a clinical practice.

Rubbing the body

skin_rollIt is an instinctive response that when we itch we scratch and when it hurts a little, we rub it better.

Massage is the world’s original healing art which is defined as the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body. Within Swedish massage, Ayurveda and holistic bodywork, all the techniques of performing actions on the musculature have been named although within Swedish massage the approach is technical and limited whereas within ayurveda and holistic bodywork, the approach is more artistic with a wider range of techniques.

Swedish massage can be used to treat anyone part of the body without any reference to the person and it has two primary purposes, therapy and relaxation although in practice those two purposes overlap because any action which is therapeutic is also relaxing and any action which is relaxing is also therapeutic. This form of massage is highly politicised and classified as therapeutic, remedial, deep tissue or sports massage.

Within ayurveda and holistic bodywork, massage is more about balancing the musculature or soft tissues and the energy body. In other words it is about treating the whole person without regard to treating any of the parts. The actual tactile or touch techniques such as effluerage and petrissage are the same although in Sanskrit the words are different. Ayurvedic massage and holistic bodywork are more wholesome and doe not have the political overtones of Swedish massage.

Holistic bodywork can be seen as an ayurvedic massage.  The person to be massaged is seen as a composite of body mind and spirit, therefore as in ayurveda the entire body is treated.

The most basic level training that one receives when doing the introductory massage and my home business courses at this school, the massage taught is holistic however unless the students themselves are holistic within themselves, they will never grow beyond performing Swedish massage.

Like yoga, the origins of massage are lost in ancient history. Massage is a practice within Ayurveda and Chinese medicines which are the oldest healing systems witch have records dating back some 3000 years.

Today there are over 400 recognised massage styles of which Swedish massage, Ayurvedic massage and Shiatsu are perhaps the most recognised systems and massage has become a popular profession around the world.

Massage is something anyone can learn, it is instinctive within us and simply a matter of practice with guidance to become a competent therapist.

Massage training is available in most countries where individuals and groups can take courses from brief introductions to university degrees.

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